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 Create an organizational risk management plan related to the specific risk management issue that you identified.

 Research this risk management issue (Government billing errors in healthcare) and its impact on a health care organization.Create a two- to three-page, APA-formatted, organizational risk management plan that includes:

  • An introduction that provides discussion about the specific risk management issue and the specific type of health care facility or organization that you will target in this organizational risk management plan. Address the needed stakeholders and what positions in the organization should be included in this type of planning.
  • An analysis that provides three to four different sources of information discussing this issue or supporting organizational planning related to the issue you identified.
  • At least five steps for an organization to correctly identify the issue, track the issue, plan for outcomes, and implement change.
  • An evaluation discussion that provides clear ways for the organization to determine if the plan is working.
  • A final recommendation of what other considerations the organization may need to include in organizational risk planning.
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Organizational risk management plan
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