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This week, you covered topics in motivation, decision-making and leadership. You should work on the assignment related to your company this week while keeping the following questions in mind:

Ask Your Company

  • Does your company have good motivated leaders? Does this reflect in their leadership style? How?
  • What factors do you have here that make motivating employees difficult?
  • What are some ways you motivate employees? How would you motivate employees that are different from each other?
  • What types of leaders are present in your company? Why do you feel that they fall into that category? (For easy reference, types of leaders would include transactional, transformational and also charismatic – so make sure you can describe these leadership styles to the person in the company you are talking to. Some leaders may fall into more than one category. Please note this in your writing if you feel this is the case and include why.)
  • What do you think makes leadership weak? What about your company and its leaders can you cite that shows strong or weak leadership?

Ask Yourself

  • If you were working as an actual consultant for your company, what recommendations would you make to them to FIX any leadership problems?

By Saturday, August 2, 2014, consider the following two issues and post your thoughts and conclusions on each issue to the Discussion AreaUse the Ask Yourself and Ask Your Company questions to help you form your conclusions.

  • Your company exhibits certain types of leadership. Leadership is a very definite pattern of behavior exhibited by good managers and persons with charisma and power. Determine the types of leadership and leadership styles that your company's leadership has. For ease, choose one of their “main” managers or CEOs and determine their leadership style and include as much information as possible to support why you think this is their leadership style.
  • Your company has leadership, even if it seems weak. The problem with many companies is that those in power do not often exhibit strong leadership characteristics. If this is the case with your company, please comment on how this area might be improved within your company. If this is not the case with your company, describe how strong leadership characteristics are evidenced. This assignment should draw from the information given in this lesson, the textbook and any other outside information the student can find on this topic.
Notes from the instructor
This part of your class project will focus on the type of motivation used by your chosen company.
You may have to do some digging to find this information but it is important !

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