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Your assignment this week revolves around the issue of motivation. Click on thebizjournals articles below and discuss the related issues and questions.

  • Suppose that you are a shift manager of Whammyburger, a popular fast food restaurant located near a local college. Business is quite brisk and your customers are very pleased with your menu items. There is, however, one major problem: at least half of your employees are Generation X-ers and you are having a difficult time trying to determine just how to motivate this special class of employees. Click on the article entitled "Motivating Generation X: Give Them A Chance... and A Challenge," and read the article. After reading, describe what you would do to motivate your employees if you were the manager at Whammyburger. Discuss others' ideas as well and attempt to determine which ideas might be most successful.
  • Click on the article entitled "How Starbucks Energizes Its Employees." After reading the article, think about the strategies Starbucks uses to energize its employees in the areas of employee learning, ownership, and involvement. Discuss whether you think these strategies will have a lasting impact on the employees. Why or why not? Can you think of other, similar strategies that might also be effective?
Notes from the instructor
We have all had jobs where we were not at all motivated to go to work. Then we have had jobs where we wanted to go to work.
What role does motivation in the workplace play in our desire to go to work every day? Does it make us want to be productive employees?
What rewards can it give the employer to have highly motivated employees?
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