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One of the main goals of this course is to get you to relate the concepts and principles in this course not only to your field, but to a real company. You will then be able to apply these ideas on your own by combining what you learn in the lectures, readings, assignments and discussions and discover how these issues are handled in a real company.

For this assignment, you are required to find a company to work with throughout this course. Ideally, the company you choose should:

• Have a minimum of 20 employees (part- or full-time) 
• Be in your chosen field 
• Have a contact at a management level that you can speak to at least once a week.

You will complete exercises each week concerning the topics and objectives as they pertain to your chosen company.

Keep in mind that these are guidelines, not absolute rules. Under some circumstances, these guidelines may be modified with facilitator approval. If you are having difficulty finding a company that meets these requirements, or if you’re not sure if your company will be appropriate for the project, contact your facilitator.

The following is a list of questions to accompany each weekly real world assignment. The question sets contain two types of questions. Ask Your Company are questions you should ask your contact within the company, or look for within the materials you find on your company. Ask Yourself are questions you may want to ask yourself before thinking about, writing and turning in the weekly assignment. You should use these questions to get information about your company, and to spur your own thinking in completing the assignment.

The following questions apply to this week's assignment:

Your company may have some sort of diversity program or some sort of diversity policy. It is important to the success of companies in this day and age to have some type of diversity program. Diversity can promote growth. It can brings in new ideas from multiple cultures into the work place.

Ask Yourself

  • Does the company offer you something that will benefit you with your studies?
  • If this is a company that benefits you with your studies, will it be a company that you may potentially work with in the future or upon graduation?
  • Why does this company interest you and what about it will make learning the topics covered in organizational psychology more real?
  • Organizational psychologists often work as consultants in the real world. Do you know enough about this company up front to know if they would benefit from such work?
  • Your company will help you with many topics in this class. We will cover all of the major topics of psychology in its relationship to the business world. Please look over the course syllabus to make sure you are aware of what we will be covering in this class and that your company will help you with this. Does this company match these criteria?
  • Make sure that you are able to find information about this company with relative ease. If you are unable to do this easily, (no Web site, etc.), then you probably need to choose another company. Does your company meet this stipulation?
  • All in all, diversity is probably one of the keys to success or failure in the modern business world because it tends to promote different ideas across many persons within the company. Please find out all you can on this topic that has not already been brought up by these questions and include them in your report.

Find out information about your company's diversity program. If this company does not have a diversity program, come up with some suggestions on how they could implement one. This assignment should draw from the information given in this lesson, the textbook and any other outside information you can find on this topic

Ask Your Company

  • Does your company have a diversity program? If not, how would you recommend they set one up?
  • Diversity tends to make things difficult at times because of clashes in ideas. This is inherently good for companies, but may be difficult for people on an individual level. Does your company have ways of dealing with conflicts that arise from your diversity program if you have one? If you do not, what are your plans for dealing with conflicts that will inevitably arise?
  • Do you believe that diversity is even important to your company? Why or why not?


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