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In this lesson, you covered some very basic ideas concerning the need for organizational development and change. For this assignment, we will wrap up our topics and information concerning organizational psychology. In addition to meeting all of the criteria of the assignment as already laid out, think about the following to complete this assignment:

Ask Yourself

  • If you had it to do over again, would you choose this company or a different one for this project? Why?
  • What aspects of this company need the most work?
  • What aspects of this company need the least work?
  • Would this company benefit from using a consultant?
  • Would this company benefit from a more modernized management philosophy?
  • Are there aspects of this company we have not covered in this class directly that you would like to comment on? Feel free.

Finally, make sure you thank the person who gave you time during this course!

Complete a paper summarizing what you have learned about your company during this course. Cover the major topics including communication, teamwork, motivation, and HR. There are other topics as well that have been covered so please make sure you include them.

This assignment should draw from the information given in this lesson, the textbook and any other outside information you can find on this topic. At a minimum, you must include at least one major topic from each week of class in addition to addressing the issues covered in the Ask Yourself resource

This assignment should be at least 3 pages long

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