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For the first article, go to and reply to the following:

  • Why is it important that leaders learn the proper leadership language?
  • When should a leader use "language from the center" and when should he or she use "language from the edge"? Support your answer.
  • What is framing and why is it an important tool for leaders to use?

For the second article, read the article on Creative Conflict and reply to the following:

  • How does Mark Gorkin, the "Stress Doc" define conflict? Why does he define it this way? Give examples of why his way is better than other "experts."
  • Is there a positive side to conflict? When is this the case? Give examples for both sides of the argument.
  • What is the "Advocate of Anger" paradox? Explain the reason why it is very important to understand what it says and to use it in the modern workplace.


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