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For this lesson, you worked on group behavior, teamwork and communication. These are very fundamental principles that the modern manager must understand to succeed. The information given below should be used to enhance your work on the real world assignments given for this lesson.

Ask Your Company

  • Are teams used effectively in this company? How or why?
  • Does your company recognize and understand the differences between groups and teams? Does this affect how projects and tasks get done? (Be prepared to talk to the person you’re interviewing about what you learned about the differences between groups and teams).
  • Some say teams are used too much. Though they are very good for the company in question, they may not be necessary for all projects. Does your company use teams “too much?” Not enough? How would you change this?
  • Oftentimes, teams have very poor communication. This contradicts the very thing that makes up a team. Does your company have teams that exhibit this sort of problem? What would you do to “fix” this problem?

Ask Yourself

  • Based on what you are seeing here regarding teams and management’s use of teams, do you feel they understand differences between groups and teams?
  • If you could change places with someone working in teams and team forming, how would you go about creating it? Is this company using the principles that you would?
  • If you were working in your company as a consultant, what would you do to “fix” any problems concerning its use of teams in the workplace?

Use the Ask Yourself andAsk Your Company questions to help you.

  • Your company probably uses teams in some shape or form. The purpose of this assignment is to establish pros and cons of using teams in the workplace. After interviewing a manager in the company, ask them if they feel their company uses teams appropriately – or if they use them too much or too little. Compare this with your analysis of the company. Explain why you either agree or disagree with the manager. If they are appropriately, over- or under-utilized, please explain why.


This part of your project will focus on team work used by your chosen company.
Find out everything you can about the company's use of team work - the good, the bad and even the ugly because team work is not always successful.
The goal is to find out exactly what works and why !


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