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For this lesson, you learned more about leadership, power and politics, and conflict and negotiation. The information given below should help you focus on these aspects of organizational psychology within your company.

Ask Your Company

• How does management within your company handle conflict? Is their method effective? How could conflict resolution be improved in your company?
• Does your company have a conflict management policy? If so, could I get a copy of it? If not, what would you do to recommend they have one? What should it include?
• Do you feel that your company has more than its “fair share” of conflict? How so?
• Does your company have a person that works with negotiation of conflict? If not, would they benefit from one?

Ask Yourself

• Conflict is very common in the “real world.” This is probably because as humans, we all have a need to be right. Based on what you know and have found out about your company, how do they handle conflict? 
• Companies with problems in conflict and management of conflict are not uncommon. What factors probably contribute to these problems?
• Based on what you know about your company, do you think that they have more conflict than a comparable company? What makes you think so?
• If you were a manager in this company, how would you handle conflict?

By Thursday, August 14, 2014, consider the following issue and post your thoughts and conclusions to this issue to this Discussion AreaUse the Ask Yourself andAsk Your Company questions to help you.

  • Conflict is part of life, even in the workplace, so policies concerning conflict are important in the modern workplace. Find out how your company handles conflict management, their policies, etc. and report your findings. If your company does not have a specific method for dealing with conflict in the form of a policy, report on why they don't and recommend how they could institute one. This assignment should draw from the information given in this lesson, the textbook and any other outside information you can find on the topic

Instructor Notes-

This part of your project will focus on the type of conflict techniques your chosen company uses to resolve issues.
This is very important information to study because good quality (and successful) conflict resolution techniques are what helps keep a company in business !

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