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First, read the article and answer the following:

  • Long-term team motivation that leads to accomplishing the firm's purpose or mission can occur, according to the author, if the personal wants and needs of individuals within the team are satisfied. What three suggestions would you offer that might assist managers in satisfying the needs and wants of team members?
  • In addition to purpose and challenge, what are the other four key characteristics of highly motivated teams? Of the six characteristics, which three would be the most important to you as a team player? Please explain why you selected each of the three characteristics.

Next, read the and discuss the following:

  • According to the author, effective communication with others requires that a leader do what three things?
  • The author also recommends six steps that should be taken in order to minimize miscommunications. Explain each of those steps. Which steps do you feel are most important? Why?


Motivation and Communication - 2 key factors in a successful workplace environment !
Students will read 2 articles covering the importance of these 2 factors.
Think about the job you currently have now - how does your company use these techniques, if at all?

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Motivation and communication
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