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1. Same as cash deals are becoming very popular these days. Research a couple same as cash deals and write an essay explaining the advantages and disadvantages of each. When would one of these deals be a good deal for a person? When would using a same as cash deal be a poor idea?


2. Search for a consumer research site such as:

Source: Bankrate.com (n. d.). Retrieved from http://www.bankrate.com
Research and find three credit cards offered by three different companies. Write an essay on which credit card is the best and why you think it is the best.  In your essay look at things like the interest rate, grace period, annual fees and compare those between the cards, but in the end you must make a decision on which card you like best and why. (Note: Professors are free to pick three cards for you to research if they wish, please check with your teacher for specific requirements on this question).


3. While everyone dreams of high interest rates for investments, usually high interest rates come with other disadvantages. Using the interest or other sources, research and write an essay on the advantages and disadvantages of higher interest rates on investments. Look at factors like risk, reward, and possible other things that would change to balance out the higher interest rates.


4. It is commonly assumed that the stock market yields a 10% rate or return (on average) on investments made in the market long term. Write an essay looking at the advantages and disadvantages of investing in the stock market long term.


5. Mortgages come in many different types. There are fixed rate mortgages, ARM mortgages, and balloon mortgages to name a few. Research fixed rate, ARM mortgages and balloon mortgages, then write an essay comparing them. What are some of the advantages and disadvantages of each? When might you find one type of mortgage loan beneficial over the other two?







  • Write your essay in this document – do not save it in a separate file.
  • You must clearly state your position with well-structured paragraphs using proper grammar, spelling, and sentence structure.
  • This is not an “opinion” question – you must offer evidence to support your position, using properly-cited sources.
  • Your answer must be between ¾-1 page in length.
  • You must cite and reference at least one source (book, website, periodical) using APA format.
  • Do not use unreliable sources such as Wikipedia, and Yahoo! Answers.


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