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Write a 150-250 word paragraph identifying, describing, and evaluating each of the graphics in number 4, pages 345-46 of the Markel textbook. Then format your four paragraphs into ONE memo that you submit as assignment 2. Use a single-spaced memo heading.

Use headings, boldface, whitespace, and other appropriate design features so that the memo is easy-to-read and informative.

Assume that I am a general audience with no technical background in graphic design. Do not include the graphics themselves, just your evaluation of them. Be sure that you have viewed the online lecture "Highlighting Icons" from Module 2: "highlighting icon" in technical writing does NOT MEAN using a highlighting marker.

The memo is worth 60 points, and the grading rubric is attached as "WR227 Grading Rubric." After you complete the assignment, don't forget to save your work. Return to this assignment and attach your completed work by clicking on the 'add attachments' button. Add comments if you want to before pressing the submit button.

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