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The mystery numbers are defined recursively as:

myst (0)=2

myst (1)=1

myst (n)=2 * myst (n-1) + myst (n-2) for n>1.

(a) Draw the calling sequence for myst (4).

(b) What is the value of myst (4)


The mystery numbers are defined recursively as
myst (0) = 2
myst (1) = 1
myst (n) = 2 ? myst (n – 1) + myst (n – 2)    for n >


Write a C++ function
i nt  rect Area ( i nt  l en,  i nt  wi d)
that returns the area of a rectangle with length l en and width wi d. Test it with a main
program that inputs the length and width of a rectangle and outputs its area. Output the
value in the main program, not in the function.
Sample Input
6  1 0
Sample Output
The area of a 6 by 1 0 rect angl e i s 60.


Perform the following additions on unsigned integers, assuming a nine-bit cell. Show
the effect on the carry bit:

    (b)    1 0001 1101

      ADD 0 1110 1000

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