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A typist is entering text on a keyboard at the rate of 30 words per minute. If each word is 6 characters long on average, how many bits per second are being sent to main memory? A space is also a character. Assume that each word is followed by one space on average


A full binary tree is a tree whose leaves are all at the same level, and evry node that is not a leaf has exactly two nodes under it.  Draw a binary tree with six levels.

Write the statements for the following queries of the database in Figure 1.21.(A) Find Beth's home state. (B) List the fraternity members who are English majors. (C) List the sorority and fraternity members who have the same home state and indicate what that home state is.....This is from Computer Systems 4th edition by J. Stanley Warford on pg. 30 problem # 17, I only need (B) & (C) answered.


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