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To culminate all of the topics you have learn in this course you are going to develop “Video Renting Transaction System” for Acme Flicks Video store.Assume that the word “video” means either a now-old-fashioned DVD or Blu-Ray, which you probably want to identify in the model. The physical video will be a copy of a movie, TV show, or other material, which you don’t have to model here.
This system provides AT LEAST the following facilities for a valid user:
1.       Rental type DVD or Blu-Ray
2.       User account information
3.       Movie inventory
4.       Late fees
5.       Accounts to go to collections
6.       Video Game rentals
7.       Viewing monthly and annual statements
These are the minimum requirements, so you can add more functionalities into your
1.      Develop a problem statement
2.      Describe in English the entire database system
3.      Develop EER Diagram
4.      Convert EER Diagram into relationships
5.      Normalize all relationships up to BCNF
6.      Develop application in Microsoft Access
7.      Develop at least 10 relevant queries using SQL
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DVD/CD rental system
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