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Recall our consultant, Keith, from Module 1. Keith has been asked to conduct a psychological evaluation on an adolescent female. Her teachers and parents are concerned that her grades have been dropping and she has been acting out.

Keith is short on time and needs to complete his assessment quickly. He likes using the MMPI-A and decides to send a protocol home for the girl to complete.  Once she returns it, he’ll score it and determine if the girl’s personality is somehow influencing her grades and behavior changes.

Refer to the Ethical Principles of Psychologists and Code of Conduct Standard 9 on Assessment (APA, 2010).

  • What ethical concerns does Keith need to consider?
  • As Keith’s colleague, what advice can you give him based on what you have learned about psychological assessment?
  • Note:
    Psychological tests are designed to assess children and are, therefore, useful to professionals, particularly those interested in developing educational plans to assist the children. These tests are ability tests for children at different developmental stages. For example, for children at a pre-verbal stage of development, test procedures other than those that rely on verbal answers are used.

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