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1- Data capture is explained as the process of “Input of data, not as a direct result of data entry but instead as a result of performing a different but related activity. Barcode reader equipped supermarket checkout counters, for example, capture inventory related data while recording a sale,” Data Capture, 2015, Para. 1).  Every organization has a particular system to which they market their product to their target audience, even within the health care industry. Performing marketing related data capture is only one medium in which the organization collects information  about their consumer in order to perform and conduct marketing to the target audience. However, it is important that the HCO ensure that while using data capture that no rules and regulations are being violated in the process. There are two important ways that I believe that HCOs can perform data capture without violating any regulatory stipulations. To collect data HCO usually capture patient information and clinical data.  By way of web-based forms and thick forms data is  collected from patient information and clinical information that was already given or released to the the organization for use, so these collection processes do not violate any regulatory stipulations. To ensure the security of patient information and to ensure there are no possible violation of regulatory stipulations the organization could “Performing gap analysis on data capture, encryption, transmission and storage system workflows and technologies to validate compliance with the new ruling…Regular analysis and protection of customer and patient data helps ensure compliance and privacy is maintained – so healthcare institutions understand potential areas of scrutiny by compliance regulators,”(Brown, 2013, Para. 4-5). Data capture methods will potentially change in the future thanks again to technological advancements and to the fact that improvements in HIT will prove it to be necessary and more health care organization will come to adopt them. 

2- Healthcare organizations have been using data capture to help develop marketing strategies. After many failed attempts at not understanding how important the collecting data was to the success of and organization.( Wolper, 2011) According to Tirunilla, & Tellis, 2014, “Managers and researchers usually obtain measures of perceived quality from customers through surveys or interviews, which are typically based on limited samples administered periodically” (p.463). The future of data Capture will continue to be customer-focused and directed for the purpose of creating, communication and delivering value. (Wolper, 2011). Data capturing helps the market managers and researchers to find their target audience (their customers) and focus on what their wants and needs are, and helps to find new potential customers. The marketing mix will continue to be part of the strategy. According to Wolper, 2011, “the operational performance of their own organization and the impact of that performance on their customers, and the regulatory, technological, legal, and healthcare environments within which they must function (p. 327). The use of various updated technology software will change how the gathering process of data capture will be done, confidentiality and patient health records will still play an important part of future data collection.


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