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Answers should integrate your opinion and information as gathered from the  chapter.  Please do not copy information directly from the text.  Using terms  and coming to your own conclusions get the most points. 

NOTE: To get full credit for this assignment you must meet the paragraph minimum (2 full paragraphs), cite examples and use art appreciation terms whenever possible. Please write out each question before answering. See rubric (scoring guide) on the home page.

 *A paragraph is a topic sentence with four or more supportive sentences. 

Pick 3 of the questions listed below. Each question must be from a separate chapter.


Chapter 9
1. Discuss the early history of drawing. From cave art to the prelimary sketches of artists made by da Vinci and Raphael, how do these drawings show an evolution of early techniques and subject matter?

2. Discuss the "drawings" of Henri Matisse, Whitfield Lovell and William Kentridge (pages 193, 194 and 195). What were the techniques employed by each artist to make their drawings and what were the meanings behind each work of art.

Chapter 10
3. After reviewing "The Creative Process" on Albrecht Durer's Adam and Eve, discuss the purpose of printing states or stages of his work. What iconography is present in the work (specific objects and their meanings). Does the inclusion of iconographic objects make the work more meaningful; why or why not?

4. Discuss the work of June Wayne. How are her prints related to the universe? In what ways is she linking and envisioning feminism, science, and sexuality in her work?

Chapter 11
5. Discuss the painting processes of mediums of encaustic and fresco. Include in your essay medium, binder, ground and solvent or vehicle. Include in your essay specific works as they relate to these two historical mediums.

6. Consider the work of Kara Walker. What is the meaning behind her work? Why is the projection of light so important in her work and how does the viewer become directly implicated in the scenes on the wall?
Chapter 12
7. Discuss the early history of photography with regard to photographers, inventors and photographic processes.  Support your answer with examples from the text when possible.

8. Discuss key terms in film such as shots (long, full, and iris), close-ups and extreme close-ups,  pan, flashback, and cross-cutting in the context of a well-known film that you have seen more than one time.  Make sure you identify the film and if known, the director and how these techniques are illustrated in your chosen film.

Chapter 13

9. Define site specific work. Choosing two example from the text, consider why they are effective in the place they were installed and why they might not be effective if installed anywhere else. Are the works an enhancement to the surroundings? Why or why not?

10. Discuss the purpose of Robert Smithson's Spiral Jetty. How does it relate to the Great Serpent Mound in terms of meaning and its elements and principles of design? How has the jetty been transformed over time?


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