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    I have two lectures out.  The first one is 'Recursion'.  This is Chapter 19 in your test book.  The author does a descent job with recursion.  Attached are several program assingments for recursion.  You will write seveal recursive functions.  You may put all the routines in one program and have your main program call each routine.  Print results from the mian program.  Lable all output so that I know what output goes with which results since there will be several.  This should not take long to write.  Suggestion, write one routine only, add code to main then test that one routine.  Then go to the next.  Once you figure out how recursion works, the newer routines will become easier to write.

    The second lecture is an introduction to Classes, 'Introduction to Classes'.  View the lecture and attached are two programs to write using classes.  Again this will not take too long.  I also have attached the two examples of using a Class, one you will see in the lecture and another example just for another data point.  The 'ClassPgms.pdf' has a number of problem programs listed.  You will do two,  #9 and #10.  For #9 test data, use the radius of the Earth and one more you choose.  For #10, make up your own data.  Your results must show that all of your class methods work.  You will make up your main program for testing #9 and #10.   Again, this can be in one program, just label the output.


This is Due Sunday April 13th

Recursion & Intro
Recursion & Int...
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Recursion & Intro Classes Program
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