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I need help with a "Fresh & Originally Written" Course Paper on the book "Theory of Practice/Couseling & Psychotherapy" by Gerald Corey. I will pay if I have proof of other work, knowing you can write affectively in APA and can meet all qualifications of Instructions. Please advise? Is due by 4-30-12

Grading Rubric is attached

Course Paper Instructions

As the major assignment of this course, you will write a paper integrating learned theories about counseling with your personal values.  APA format is required.  You may write in first person since this is an opinion paper.  This paper is to be submitted by 11:59 p.m. (ET) on Sunday of Module/Week 7. April 30th, 2012

Your paper should be divided into sections as follows:

  1. Cover page–page 1
  2. Abstract–page 2
  3. Body–beginning on page 3 and going through page 11, including a conclusion paragraph.
  4. References: At least 5 references required–textbook, books, and journals (Next to last page).
  5. Grading Rubric–the final page

The body of your paper must be organized according to the following content headings (See accompanying template document for visualization):

  • An definition of counseling and the most essential characteristics of a helping relationship
  • A detailed explanation of the key elements that must be covered in the first session with a new client and why they must be covered
  • The theory or theories of counseling which I will seek to learn more about and use in my own practice
  • At least two techniques from this course and an explanation of how and for what type of client issues I will use them for in treatment
  • Life experience(s) that will help you as a counselor work effectively with a wide range of clients
  • Some limitations in my own life experience that might hinder my ability to understand and relate to certain clients
  • Client populations I do not believe that I would be able to work with and why
  • Client populations I do believe that I would be able to work with and why
  • Conclusion
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Course Paper Gr...
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