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[NOT a Research Paper: but a Reaction Paper) ]  

* Paper is to be written in chronological account of your experience
Discussion Board entries will become the bases for your Reaction Paper
* Be careful to use formal language in the Reaction Paper.  Avoid some of the informal phrases in your conversations and your Bb reports which are not literally true--drives him crazy, more than likely, major(ly)--as well as grammatical errors.  No contractions or informal terms ("a lot"-”thing”"hyper")

* Also do not write your paper in 1st person -- Avoid “you” or “I”.  Instead use 3rd person and refer to yourself as "the intern," "this writer," or another third person term. YourReaction Paper needs to include the following to receive maximum credit:

1. Behaviors observed during the internship.

2. Theoretical explanations to support the behaviors observed.

3. Benefits of the internship.

4. Suggestions for your internship, future interns, people in the setting.

This is a Reaction Paper [not a Research Paper] so you do not have to include sources within your paper.  However, if you choose to consult any sources (i.e., agency publication, theories), you must use APA format when properly citing the sources in the text and you must list the publication information of the sources on a References page.

1st half of your Reaction Paper 
* Should be your reactions to your internship experience, written in 3rd person & past tense to keep your writing formal and accurate.  

2nd half of the Paper:  Use the headings:
Behavior Patterns (name patterns of behaviors that have been observed in any persons in the internship setting)
Theories (use theories from your prior PSYC courses, such as Operant Conditioning, Bandura’s Social Modeling, Piaget, to interpret the patterns of behaviors), 
Benefits (name potential benefit to the agency and to all persons—including the intern—in the setting), 
Suggestions (potential weaknesses and solutions for any improvement).  If you consult any sources (i.e., from the agency, for the theories)

ite any sources in the text and list the sources in the References.

The following are some common mistakes that you will avoid.  Most are according to the standards of appropriate formal writing; some are especially applicable to scientific thought and writing in APA style.

Technical writing

Use 3rd person references.   Avoid “you” or “I” except in the case of personal experience examples.

Use formal language--no contractions or informal terms ("a lot"-”thing”"hyper")

Use past tense verbs to describe all findings—the events have already happened.

Match nouns, pronouns, verbs for singular/plural form, even though it is sometimes awkward to avoid gender issues (he/she, themselves).  Try using all plurals or alternating the singular gender reference.

Edit carefully for punctuation and grammatical constructions.  Christians must be articulate in order to be influential and persuasive.


Include a title page with the name of the paper and your name, and the agency name.

Put a References page at the end, using hanging indent, if any sources have been cited.

Cite sources in the form (author, year).  Every source cited in the Paper must be in the References; every entry in the References must be cited in the Paper.

The paper may be a chronological account of your experience, a focus on a particular area of interest from the experience, or an analysis of how the experience has affected your perception of these clients.  Be careful to cover all areas in the Paper Evaluation adequately by using each bold term as a Paper heading for a section.


The Reaction Paper must be submitted at 2 linksj

1. Which retains formatting for grading

2.  Which checks for originality (no plagiarism)
ou can see your Turn-It-In score after submission

Your Ethics points will be added after your Supervisor’s Evaluations and Reaction Paper (at both links) have been submitted with no ethics violations.

It is recommended that all assignments be submitted at least one week before the term ends; the last day of the term is the final due date for any assignment to be submitted.

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