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In preparation for a court appearance, the federal law enforcement agency wants to ensure proper forensic processes and techniques are used in a computer crime case involving identify theft. When challenging the admissibility of the digital evidence, the defense examiner will evaluate the authentication and chain of custody techniques used. The federal law enforcement agency would like your company, AB Investigative Services (ABIS), to identify in a report the possible authentication and chain of custody techniques acceotable in the investigative process, include issues relating to First and Fourth Amendment privacy issues with respect to computer-related technologies. Provide the following in your report to the federal law enforcement agency: Begin the report with a one page overview of the forenscis process and the steps taken by an examiner related to identity theft and computer crime. Provide 2-3 pages identifiying: two recommended examples of authentication acceptable in the investigation process of identity theft two recommended examples of chain of custody techniques of digital evidence. Provide 2-3 pages explaining: what is considered legal or illegal under the guidelines of the First and Fourth Amendments in relation to identity theft invsetigation. 5-7 pages cites and references.

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CRJS475 IP4 Identity Theft
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