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I hope you can help me. Below is the instruction for the project. I am willing to discuss the fee.

Please contact me @ so I can provide you with the additional templates needed.. Thanks. in advance


For the capstone project, you  will  create a business plan  for  a hypothetical start-up company using  the scenarios provided below. In the  business plan,  you  will  need  to demonstrate the  integration and synthesis of competencies in all domains required for  your degree program.


Select  the  business plan  scenario assigned to your  degree program from the  list  below:

Develop a business plan  for  a start-up company that offers some  type  of accounting service. The type  of services offered could  include bookkeeping, auditing, tax  preparation, accounting software, or some  other type of current or potential service.


Create  a business plan  for  your  hypothetical start-up company in which  you  do the  following:

Note: There's a “Business Plan Template” and the  attached “Financial Plan Template” that I need to send you separately.

A.  Write an executive summary (suggested length of 1–2  pages) in which  you do the following:

1.   Identify the  company’s name  and location.
2.  Describe the  mission of the  company.
3.  Discuss  two business goals  in support of the  company’s mission.
4.  Discuss  three keys  to success  for the company.

B.  Write  a company summary (suggested length of 4–6  pages) in which  you  do the  following:
1.  Describe the  history of the  industry in which  the  company will  operate.
2.  Identify the  legal  form that the  company will  take.
3.  Describe the  location and type  of facilities needed  for  the  company.
4.  Describe the  management structure, including key  positions and specific  responsibilities.
5.  Describe the  products and services offered by the  company.

C.  Develop a market analysis (suggested length of 3–5  pages) in which  you  do the  following:

1.  Describe the  target market for the  company’s products and services, including the  specific location, demographics, etc.
2.   Complete an industry analysis for  the company, including current trends and statistics.
3.   Complete a four-square SWOT analysis for the  company in which  you  do the  following:
      a.  Identify three strengths, three weaknesses, three opportunities, and three threats.
      b.   Explain each of the  identified strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.
4.  Complete a competitive analysis utilizing Porter’s Five Forces for  at least  one of the  company’s potential competitors.

D.  Develop a market strategy (suggested length of 3–6  pages) in which  you  do the  following:

1.  Discuss  each of the  four Ps of marketing as they  relate to the  company’s products and services.
2.  Develop a price  list  for  the  company’s products and services.
3.  Develop a promotional strategy including specific  tasks, target dates, and responsible parties.
4.   Develop a monthly sales forecast for  the  first year  of operations, including a discussion of expected market conditions.
Note: The sales forecast will  be used as the  basis for  your  revenue in your  financial statements.

E.  Develop an implementation strategy (suggested length of 3–6  pages) in which  you  do the  following:
1.  Summarize the  overall strategy that will  be utilized to launch  your  business, including target dates and goals  for  implementation.
2.   Develop a post-launch monitoring plan  (e.g., financial impact, quality control, customer satisfaction, monitoring schedule) to evaluate the  success of the  company in meeting milestones.

F.  Calculate and develop the  financial statements and projections (suggested length of 3–5  pages) for  the first year of business by doing  the  following:
1.   Develop a month-by-month forecasted profit and loss statement using  an estimate of revenues and operating costs  based  on the  sales forecast.
2.   Develop a forecasted balance sheet for  the  end of year  one.

G.  Write  a financial report (suggested length of 1–2  pages) in which  you  do the  following:
1.   Summarize the  financial projections and the  assumptions used in estimating the  financial statements.
2.   Describe the  company’s financial position at the  end of the  first year.
3.  Describe the  company’s initial and future estimated capital/investment needs. H.  When  you  use sources, include all in-text citations and references in APA format.


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