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  • Due on: Fri 15 May, 2015 (02:50pm)
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1.) Pick a music-related topic and tell me what the topic will be. You can just do a simple description of the topic in a Word document and upload that to the dropbox. If you don't hear any response from me on the topic, assume that I am okay with it! I will let you know if I think you need to change or tweak your paper topic.
2.) Write a good paper on it. Cite at least 3 scholarly sources (that means, don't just use Wikipedia).
3.) Don't plagiarize.
4.) Don't plagiarize.
5.) Did I mention not to plagiarize?
6.) Your paper should be 5-8 pages in length, double-spaced, Times New Roman 12 pt font, regular margins, yada-yada....Title page and references page do not count toward overall length requirement. I will deduct points for falling short of the length requirement.
7.) If you plagiarize (uncited direct quotes) or in any way try to pass off someone else's work as your own, you will fail the entire course.
8.) Your paper is due in the dropbox during Module 7. In Module 8, you will upload a copy of your paper, along with a 5-8 slide PowerPoint based on your paper, to the discussion board.
9.) I will not accept late work. Please plan ahead now to work on your paper early so that you do not have technical or personal emergencies at the last minute that keep you from taking care of business.

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