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Please remember to write full responses every time you post. It can be easy to sometimes jot a quick "Hey, I like your post" in response to someone else. I just can't give you credit for really need to dig a little deeper and find something more substantive to say. This is why I request that you shoot for closer to 100 words in each's not length for lengths' sake that I care about...but I have found that enforcing a word limit like this helps give everyone the extra nudge to write something a little deeper and with more substance.


  1. Discuss the role of sexuality in Madonna’s music and performances. How does Madonna portray female sexuality, and why was her portrayal so controversial at the time?
  2. Do you agree with the following statement?
  3. Grunge music expressed the angst of the young American male who was given no rite of passage into manhood, and therefore had no clear definition of what it meant to be an adult male in our society.

Discuss why you consider this statement to be either true or false and back up your opinion with musical examples.

  1. Discuss the influence that Michael Jackson’s music and performances had on the music industry in the 1980s. How did he set new standards for music, and blur more societal boundaries than almost any artist prior to the 80s.
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