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  1. Can you think of a time in your life when singing or playing music served as a way to pass the time or relax at the end of a long hard day, like folk songs did for early Americans? Have you ever used music to help you pace yourself during a heavy workload like African American slaves did with field hollers and work songs? Share some of these musical experiences with your classmates, and give examples of what type of music was involved.
  2. Did you sing in the church choir when you were a child? Do some of your earliest musical memories involve music in a church setting? Share some of your experiences of church music with your class mates and describe the type of music that you heard or participated in at church.
  3. What functions do military bands perform today? Why do you think our modern military maintains such professional quality musical ensembles? If you are part of the military and have experienced the music of such ensembles, share the setting of the experience and your impressions of it with your classmates.
  4. Have you or someone in your family participated in a shaped-note singing convention? Many of these gatherings still occur in southern states. Conduct a web search to learn more about shaped-note singing by using the search criteria: “video ‘Songs of Appalacia: Shape Note Singing’”. Discuss your impression of this type of musical gathering. Comment on the many different ages represented in the participants in this shaped-note singing experience that you see.



Both of my classmates responded to Question 1


Classmate #1 I use music to unwind all the time, especially after a long day. whether its before work or after work. music really soothes the mind. I listen to

     gospel on the way to work  giving god his praise, After work I throw on jazz and prepare for a nice long shower before my dinner. I didn't do the 

     African American slave routine, but I did put on James Brown when I wanted to exercise. Some of James Brown songs are really good to work 

     out with. I'm pretty good at doing the James Brown slide and working on doing the splits. I also like doing zumba which is really good to work out


Classmate #2

Music has always been important to me, there was nothing as a child and as an adult that has relaxed or interested me more. As a child I would rush home from school and immediately put on my music. I was very interested in Broadway shows, I knew all the lyric's to every song sung by every character. I could even dance if there were a dance segment. 
As an adult my tastes changed to Disco and Rock and Roll, specifically Elvis Presley. I could sing all of his songs and dance all the latest dances. This was great as an adult in my 20's, I used the love of music to become a dance instructor and do some singing at local clubs. I enjoyed the singing but never entertained the idea of a career in singing as I did not like the lifestyle involved in becoming a professional singer. I kept up the dancing until I went to nursing school. I occasionally dance now but at weddings only. 
At this stage of my life, I still enjoy music but rarely have the time as I still work full time and attend college, but when I do have the time it is usually opera or show music which takes me into a different world, where I relive wonderful memories of my life when things were very simple and life was sweet.




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