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Classmate # 1

Michael Jackson in the 80's seemed to make the music industry what it was at the time.  I think almost every child male or female from around the world wanted a Michael Jackson jacket and a glittery glove.  I remember listening to my mother's Jackson Five records and then she had a copy of the Off the Wall record also.  I myself still have a copy of Thriller cd in my basement.  I also have some of his music in my iCloud now.  I remember learning how to moon walk and trying to do the lean from Smooth Criminal video.  He has influenced countless artists while he was alive and even today.  To name a few Usher, Beyonce, Sheryl Crow, and R. Kelly.  His influence ranged through out all genres of music from country to rap.  I recently heard a song by the artist The Weekend and the DJ said that he sounded just like Michael Jackson.  I listened to the song, he did sound very similar to Michael Jackson.  I also remember seeing one of his concerts on television, he had all races and genders at his concert enjoying his music. 

Classmate # 2

Michael Jackson, was one of the greatest of all times, Michael had something special that know artist had.

     Michael had rare talented that can't be duplicated. you can only copy his style but there will be no other Michael Jackson.

     people around the world try to copy everything about Michael, even from the way he dance even to the way he dressed. The poplar thing with

     Michael's wardrobe was his one white glove and his high water pants showing his white socks. The moon walk was a popular dance step that

     a lot of people tried to copy. Michael set the trend for a lot of people and that's part of the reason why he is known as the King.

     One of Michael Jacksons famous video and song was the Thriller. The fourteen long video was watched all over the world, it was a

     instant hit. That album is still popular til this day and will never get old. Michael was the first black musicans on MTV. Michael not only

     catered to his own people but he influenced all races, he touched the heart of all ages. Michael Jackson was one of the most successful

     artist of all times. Michael Jackson was even in the Guinness World of Records because of all his awards. Michael turned music around with his

     outstanding sound and dancing.




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