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Please remember to write full responses every time you post. It can be easy to sometimes jot a quick "Hey, I like your post" in response to someone else. I just can't give you credit for really need to dig a little deeper and find something more substantive to say. This is why I request that you shoot for closer to 100 words in each's not length for lengths' sake that I care about...but I have found that enforcing a word limit like this helps give everyone the extra nudge to write something a little deeper and with more substance.

Classmate# 1 The Beatles took a softer, gentler approach to become successful.  I believe it was the ultimate marketing plan at the time.  They used their British accents, traditional music, and good looks to win over fans.  And they came along when America was reeling from the assassination of American President John F. Kennedy.  Many young adults said that the Beatles filled a tremendous void in their lives at that time.  I remember seeing some of the old videos of their concerts or when they landed at an airport, and the affect that caused on the young people seemed to me to be very cult like.  The Beatles were so popular they even changed their approach to doing their music and never lost a beat.  I am sure that young people at the time, would have done anything the Beatles casually suggested.  The Rolling Stones felt as though, to be successful, they had to be the opposite of the Beatles.  They used rhythm and blues to influence the their music.  They had a very different look, sexually explicit, and the lead singer used footwork used by James Brown.  The band seemed to be the bad boys of music at the time.  There was also violence and and destruction and violence at a majority of Rolling Stones' concerts at the time.  But just like the Beatles, the Rolling Stones had a very loyal and dedicated fan base.


Classmate# 2  What role did TV and radio play in the development of rock and roll?

They both promoted rock and roll, and gave exposure to a broader audience.  These were people who probably didn't go out to hear it.  With the radio, listeners could hear and probably wanted to see the performers.  With TV they could do both.  All of these caused a demand in media that could be played at home.

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