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Please remember to write full responses every time you post. It can be easy to sometimes jot a quick "Hey, I like your post" in response to someone else. I just can't give you credit for really need to dig a little deeper and find something more substantive to say. This is why I request that you shoot for closer to 100 words in each's not length for lengths' sake that I care about...but I have found that enforcing a word limit like this helps give everyone the extra nudge to write something a little deeper and with more substance.


Classmate #1. Ballads are narrative songs that tell a story. In British music history there are two main types of ballad:.
The Broadside ballad and the Child Ballad, with the broadside ballad they were composed and printed on large single sheets or in groups called songsters. They were the urban counter part to " The Tin Pan Alley" of British folk ballads, they were also journalistic and topical in nature dealing with current or historical events such as battles, politics, crime, lovers and stories of sailors at sea,  as far back as the 16th. century. 
They were mostly published in London with the benefit of artistry, clearly reflecting the customs, morals and living conditions of the times. [ Joyner, 2009]
Child Ballads were named for Francis James Child [1825-1894] He was an american scholar who collected, analyzed and published around 305 English and Scottish ballads in 10 volumes between 1881 and 1894. The ballads at the time were over 100 years old and existed within oral tradition. The authors received no credit as they are the product of people who added verses and altered melodies as they were passed down from generation to generation.

Retrieved from Spirituals to Rock and Roll, The History of American Music and how it conquered  the world. rd ed.


Classmate#2. I am not a huge fan of Country music. However I have always liked Kenny Rogers , he was  not so bad on the eyes either. My mom was a Kenny Rogers fan as well.  I remember when I was younger she use to listen to him. Reba McEntire and her sisters are one of as well. I use to love the song "The Night the Lights went out in Georgia".

Personally I am a gospel song lover and I love worship songs. That is pretty much all I listen to. I may  listen to jazz occasionally or some R&B. I love the ole school R&B.

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