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Please remember to write full responses every time you post. It can be easy to sometimes jot a quick "Hey, I like your post" in response to someone else. I just can't give you credit for really need to dig a little deeper and find something more substantive to say. This is why I request that you shoot for closer to 100 words in each's not length for lengths' sake that I care about...but I have found that enforcing a word limit like this helps give everyone the extra nudge to write something a little deeper and with more substance.

Classmate 1. Listen to Billy Holiday singing “Stormy Blues” (acquire through legitimate music source or web search). Then, compare this legendary blues singer with modern day blues singer Amy Winehouse singing, “Love is a Losing Game” (acquire through legitimate music source or web search) What do these singers have in common? What is different about them? Which singer moves you more?

Both Amy Winehouse and Billie Holiday have very sultry yet powerful voices in both of those songs.  They both seemed to pour all of their pain and sorrow in each note.  Basically it seems as if you could not only hear, but feel their pain.  It made me self reflect on some of the difficult times I have had in my life, when dealing with the many emotions that love can invoke.  Another thing that they had in common was their addiction problems.  I think one of the only differences that they had is that Amy was 27 years old when drugs ended her life; Billie Holiday was 44 years old when drugs ended her life.  I think that Billie moved me more because in her song she seemed to leave a small glimmering hope that she would find love again with some help.  Amy just basically said love was a losing game and she wished she never played.


Classmate 2. Compare and contrast Louis Armstrong’s trumpet style with Miles Davis trumpet style playing the jazz classic “Stardust”. To listen to these two songs, acquire them through a legitimate music source or web search using the criteria:

  • Miles Davis - 13 Stardust
  • Louis Armstrong, His Orchestra – Stardust


I used YouTube to listen to the song "Stardust," performed by Miles Davis and Louis Armstrong. The version by Miles Davis was live, and much of a slower pace as far as the tempo of the music. It seemed kind of melancholy. It even sounded as if he had played it with a saxophone, rather than a trumpet. He opted not to have a singer, or to sing any lyrics himself. Instead, he opted for many long solo-style, fast-playing notes in between measures. Louis Armstrong opted for singing in between solo playing on the trumpet. You could tell the tempo was much faster paced, and quite uplifting with the lyrics. It seems like it's the same song, but played much more different from one another. Personally, I liked Armstrong's version of the song. It made me and my daughter smile and laugh and joke, thinking of good times. Davis' version kind of made me sleepy in a way. Not that it was boring, but it was quite slow and deliberate.

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