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Please remember to write full responses every time you post. It can be easy to sometimes jot a quick "Hey, I like your post" in response to someone else. I just can't give you credit for really need to dig a little deeper and find something more substantive to say. This is why I request that you shoot for closer to 100 words in each's not length for lengths' sake that I care about...but I have found that enforcing a word limit like this helps give everyone the extra nudge to write something a little deeper and with more substance.

Classmate 1. Question #4

I think Wicked became popular because it speaks to the audience. The audience can identify with the characters and the problems that they are going through in the musical. Many people can identify with the withdrawn Elphaba or the popular Glinda. People can relate with the girls friendship and the struggles they go through when that friendship falls apart. Teens can identify with the song “Popular” while adults can identify with the song “For Good.” The musical speaks about the importance of sisterhood as well as other things such as being kind to animals. However, the most important message in Wicked is to be who you are no matter the consequences or what others think. This resonates with the audience especially the younger audience members who struggle with self-identity while the importance of friendship and sisterhood resonates with the older audience members. Each story in Wicked communicated important messages that still are as important today as it was ten years ago when Wicked first appeared on Broadway.


Classmate 2 Question # 3

I beieve that modern day "crooners" such as Michael Buble` and Norah Jones are so appealing to all generations because they have the soul and smoothness that older generations enjoy but the heart and meaning that younger generations enjoy. It's a rare genre that can relate to many generations. I do enjoy Michael Buble` and Norah Jones but until this assignment have never herd of Diane Krall. I did youtube a few of her songs and did enjoy it. One of my favorite songs is actually by Michael Buble`. It's called "Haven't Met You Yet". I really enjoy it because it's about a guy that is in love with a woman but they just haven't met yet. I believe that to a certain point that we have known our soul mates before we actually meet. That the first time you meet isn't actually the first time you meet. It's just the first time you remember and that's how it's suppose to be. God has chosen one life partner for you to spend all your life with and you will know that person when you see them. How does everyone else feel?

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