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For example, Area of a  rectangle (A) = Length (L) x width (W), Notice that "A", "L" and "W" are  variable names representing Area, Length and Width respectively!  Also, notice  that you can calculate one one of the three variables if you are given the value  of the other two. The area could be defined if L= 3 and W = 2 A = W x  L     = 2  x 3 = 6 Also, if you are given that A = 40 and W = 5, you can  fighure out "L".  Could you tell me how?
Calculating miles /gallon is a good factor in calculating the cost of a  trip. Suppose you have two cars; one of them makes 40 miles/Gallon and the  other makes 25 miles/Gallon and suppose you want to calculate the cost of a 1000  miles trip, which one of the cars would be more cost effective? explain your  steps to figuring out the answer.
Mathematically speaking, could you define what do you mean by a  variable?
For example, if Distance = Time x Speed, then what are  the variables in this equation?

For example, Say you are out shopping for a dress.  In one of the stores, the  dress is priced at $80.00 with 15% sale.  While in another store the same dress  original price is $70.00 with 5% sale.  Which store is selling the dress  cheaper?
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