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The City of Denial is a small all-American city in the Southwest.  It has hundreds of employees. Denial requires that all its employees be U.S. citizens. Recently, there have been some HR issues.

Armand has a resident alien card (showing he is in the U.S. legally) applied for a position at Denial, for which he was otherwise qualified, but was turned down based on lack of U.S. citizenship.

A couple of employees complained that two co-workers of Mexican ancestry made abusive, derogatory remarks about them in Spanish.  There was some dispute about what was said since everyone who overheard the exchange speaks little or no Spanish.  As a result, Denial adopted an "English only" policy at the workplace.  Jullio and Ramon, the alleged harassers, complained that the English-language-only rule discriminated against them because of their national origin.

Rex is the city manager of Denial.  Several months ago, he was severely injured in a car accident, resulting in a permanent hearing loss, and a broken arm.  Rex wants Denial to hire an assistant for him to hear questions in the back of the room at city meetings (or to record the session for him), and equipment to type his reports.

Recently, Greg disclosed certain medical conditions.  He admitted that he is HIV positive and is taking drugs to combat his condition. Other Denial employees are refusing to work with or near Greg, and state that they will quit if they are required to do so.

How could these employment issues in Denial be resolved?

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