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Read the attached “AEnergy Company Case Study” before completing this task.

AEnergy Company has current operations in Fresno, California, and Chicago, Illinois. You were asked by the chief technology officer (CTO) to complete a SWOT analysis of the current IT infrastructure and to suggest a technology upgrade project to resolve a major deficiency while also supporting the identified strengths the current system offers.

The CTO has tentatively approved the concept for the proposed upgrade, and your responsibility is now to create a plan to communicate with the various stakeholders (internal and external) and how it will impact their success in achieving their part of the corporate mission.


A.  Create a communication plan that introduces a technology initiative to the stakeholders (i.e., Diffusion of Innovation Plan).


Note: If you completed the technology upgrade in Task 1, you may adapt it for use in this task.


1.  Justify how your communication plan effectively conveys the reasons for this initiative.

2.  Justify why components of the plan are necessary based on the needs of three internal stakeholders.

3.  Justify why components of the plan are necessary based on the needs of one external stakeholder.

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