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“Retail Environment" Please respond to the following:

•Congratulations! You have been named the Retail and Wholesale Expert of the year! Watch the video titled, “The Future of Retail” (8 min 17 s) located at Next, use the Internet to research the current climate for retailers and wholesalers. Describe the major opportunities and challenges retailers and wholesalers can expect to encounter in the coming year.   Remember to read and comment on at least two (2) other students’ posts, as you want to stay current in your field!

"Promotion Mix" Please respond to the following:

In a written, respond to the following discussion. Debate It: The majority of promotional activities are deceptive. Provide a rationale for your response along with examples.  Make sure you consider this from both the customer's point of view as well as the business's point of view.

“Advertising and Public Relations" Please respond to the following:

Use a written post

Imagine that you are the PR director for a new laptop manufacturer called CoolTech. In a two to three (2-3) minute video, announce the upcoming event your organization will be holding which will ultimately provide 100 laptops to a local elementary school. Be creative and professional when relaying the details. Remember that the goal of your speech is to enhance and build the reputation or your organization, and to create awareness for your product. Some things you might want to consider is how the school will be chosen, how the laptops will be presented, the mission of CoolTech, and so on.  If you do not have access to the equipment necessary to complete a video post, you may answer the discussion in a traditional written post. For help on creating a video discussion post, click here.



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