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The project is to build an Under Armour store at an overseas location in an US base in Kadena, Japan. Use the attached files to complete the assignment. Of course add and/or modify as necessary. Watch the following video on MS Project: . Using your team project and the WBS you built working with your team, each team member should individually develop a Project Schedule in Microsoft Project that includes at least five milestones and at least ten tasks per milestone. However, the Project Schedule should be comprehensive of all the work necessary to complete the project (NOTE: they should also be sequenced correctly using "predecessors"). Please also include a time and cost estimate for each task. Once you have completed your assessment of human resources, please assign one of the human resources that you built in your weekly activity to each task. As you move forward, this Project Schedule will act as the cost, schedule, and scope baseline for the project as you move forward. Post all onto the Assignments folder.
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