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Working with your team, determine the human resource needs of your project. Identify each role that will be required to complete all of the work listed in the WBS. Provide a descriptive name for each role, a description of what type of work each role will perform, a list of required skills for each role, and the responsibilities each role will have on the project. Once the activity above is complete, develop an Organizational Chart that includes each role and clearly explains the management structure on the project (HINT: you should include the Project Sponsor and Project Manager in your org chart). Finally, at a high level, explain how taking on a more junior resource might impact time and cost on the project? Also explain how taking on a more senior resource might impact time and cost on the project? Provide an example of each using the roles you identified above.

Need to use Microsoft Project to develop the chart. The project is to build a n Under Armour store overseas in a military installation in Japan. Use the attached files to identify milestones and tasks

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