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Replacement therapies tend to be the most controversial of  all treatments for substance abuse and dependence. In particular, methadone  maintenance has been the focus of much controversy and debate.

Mary was a chronic heroin user,  but eventually she hit “rock bottom” and decided to get help. Mary goes to a  methadone clinic every day to get her methadone dose for the day. She is happy  to be sober from heroin. However, her family does not understand. They see that  Mary is still taking a drug every day and view her as still being dependent.

Using your textbook and the Argosy University online library  resources, research the controversy of methadone maintenance treatment for  heroin users.

Answer the following:

  • In       what ways is the treatment helpful or harmful?
  • Is       this a successful treatment for heroin dependence? Why or why not?

Write your initial response in 300 words. Apply APA  standards to citation of sources. 

   Is improved functioning a good enough reason to legally sanction use of a drug which may very well be causing some harm to its users? Carefully consider your input to this discussion. There is no absolute right or wrong answer which fits all situations. Think about anyone you know personally who has received or is receiving methadone treatment. Be passionate about your discussions. Just keep it respectful and professional!

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