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For this task, you will create a framework for addressing an existing business challenge at your current place of employment, a local business, a nonprofit, or any operating organization (e.g., government, school district, hospital, healthcare agency, online business). For the purpose of this task, a business challenge is an existing problem or opportunity that impacts the success of the overall organization. The business challenge should be broad enough that you will be able to include multiple business functional areas of the organization (e.g., research and development [R&D], production, leadership, marketing, finance, human resources).

MBA Healthcare Management students are required to work with a client on a business issue involving healthcare. MBA Information Technology Management students are required to work with a client on a business issue involving information technology. MBA Management and Strategy students may work with a client on a business issue in any industry. For all students, an existing organization is defined as any organization that has been operational for at least 12 months. All students are required to work with a client on this project.

You must first contact your potential client—virtually, on the phone, or in person—to discuss the client’s business challenge and formulate a written statement that describes the challenge in detail.

Note: Any information that would be considered confidential, proprietary, or personal in nature should not be included in the actual task submission to WGU. Do not include the actual names of people, suppliers, the company, or other identifiable information. Fictional names should be used. Also, company-specific data, including financial information, should not be included but should be addressed in a general fashion as appropriate. Work performed for a client or for an employer is their property. You must obtain their permission to include the work. Use the linked “MBA Capstone Client Verification Form” to document your client’s approval.


Note: Based on the human subjects’ protection criteria, the evaluator will determine whether your capstone proposal is exempt from review by the IRB or requires further investigation.

A.  Provide the email containing the completed Human Subjects FAQ Quiz, which demonstrates that you have read and understood the “Human Subjects FAQ” (see web links below).

B.  Assess whether the capstone proposal complies with IRB standards for exemption status.

Note: If you would like your proposed project to have an IRB review, make those arrangements with your course instructor and the IRB.

C.  Submit the course instructor approved “Problem Statement Form.”

D.  Submit the completed “Student Capstone Waiver and Release Form.”

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