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I included a couple of more tips for editing your project:


This week is dedicated to the final course project. To allow time to complete the assignment, there is no scheduled discussion board and no reading assignment. As in previous modules with no discussion board, I have set up a topic in the General Questions board.


The final project is worth 350 points or 35% of the overall course grade.


Guidance & Tips

  • Get started early in the week to allow time for questions and to complete the work
  • Review feedback on the 3 milestone assignments to identify areas that need to be strenghtened. Ask questions!
  • Review the Final Project Guidelines & Rubric. Some pointers:
  • Use the rubric to organize your paper
    • It is a propsoal to senior management
    • Use headings and subheadings
    • Focus on the proposal and keep the general background/history of the company very brief
    • Be careful about simply combining the 3 milestone assignments as there should be a consistent focus and flow to the paper
  • Length - it is OK to go beyond the 6-8 page guideline - if it takes 10-12 pages this is acceptable but beyond this there are opportunities to edit for conciseness. Some tips:
    • There should only be one introduction/background section at the beginning of the paper. If you included an introduction in each milestone, you should combine and condense.
    • Use tables to summarize data rather than present it in paragraph form alone
  • Do not submit multiple files just as if you were presenting to senior management for approval.
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