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  • Review feedback on the 3 milestone assignments to identify areas that need to be strenghtened. Ask questions!
  • Review the Final Project Guidelines & Rubric. Some pointers:
  • Use the rubric to organize your paper
    • It is a propsoal to senior management
    • Use headings and subheadings
    • Focus on the proposal and keep the general background/history of the company very brief
    • Be careful about simply combining the 3 milestone assignments as there should be a consistent focus and flow to the paper
  • Length - it is OK to go beyond the 6-8 page guideline - if it takes 10-12 pages this is acceptable but beyond this there are opportunities to edit for conciseness. Some tips:
    • There should only be one introduction/background section at the beginning of the paper. If you included an introduction in each milestone, you should combine and condense.
    • Use tables to summarize data rather than present it in paragraph form alone
  • .Archie, overall there are some areas for improvement on this this assignment. A key requirement that was not covered is a cost benefit analysis as mentioned in my comments above. Please take the time to review any comments I provided on this and the other milestone assignments. This will allow you to fine tune any areas before submitting the overall course project. Good luck and remember, I am always available to answer your questions. - Howard
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