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MATLAB problem

Write a function called May2015  that returns  a struct vector (row or column) whose elements  corresponds  to the days  of  May2015. Each struct  should  contain  three field  with  these exact  field names : "month", "date", and "day"(alll lower case).


  •  The month  field  must contain  the string  'May'(uppercase 'M').
  • Date field must contain a scalar type double  that equals  the date (1 through 31).
  • The day  field must  contain  the three letter abbreviation of  the day chosen  from this list : 'Mon','Tue', 'Wed','Thu','Fri','Sat','Sun'.

For example , here  is a call  of the function followed  by command  that shows  the eleventh element of the struct array  that is  returned  by the function :

>>m = May2015

>>m (11)

ans = 

             month: 'May'

                date: 11

                  day: 'Mon' 


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