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Write and post a real world word problem that can be solved using a linear equation in one variable. All of the information necessary to solve the equation must be included in your problem.

MODELINGReimbursed Expenses When sales representatives for Pfizer Pharmaceuticals drive to out-of-town meetings that require an overnight stay, they receive $150 for lodging plus $0.50 per mile driven. How many miles did Joe Kotaska drive if Pfizer reimbursed him $255 for an overnight trip?


Example: A rug cleaning service charges a flat fee of $35.00 and a per room fee of $28.00. If the Morgan’s bill was $175 before taxes, how many rooms did they have cleaned?

You are being asked to find the number of rooms that were cleaned. 
Let r = the number of rooms being cleaned. 
If r is the number of rooms being cleaned, then $28.00r would be the cost of cleaning r rooms. 
Flat fee + cost of cleaning r rooms = total bill 
                                       $35 + $28r = $175
Now solve the equation. 
                                            35 + 28r = 175
                                    35 - 35 + 28r = 175 - 35
                                                     28r = 140 
                                                          r = 5

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