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If you believe that metric conversions are easier, write and post a metric conversion. Choose a four digit number and convert from one unit to another. For example, convert 3450 decigrams to kilograms. You can convert between any two units shown in Table 8.1 on page 436 of our text. Or, if you are feeling a little more adventurous, you can choose between any two units on table shown on page 438 of our text. Explain how to do the conversion showing all work.


If you think that U.S. conversions are easier, write and post a U.S. conversion problem using one of the following conversions..

inches to yards         or         yards to inches

inches to miles         or         miles to inches

feet to miles              or         miles to feet

cups to quarts           or         quarts to cups

pints to gallons         or         gallons to pints

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