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Find a current (within one week) issue of The Wall Street Journal, Newsweek, Time, USA Today, Detroit Free Press. Find two different types of graphs or visual representations in the media.  Copy and paste an image of each of the graphs and cite the source in APA format.  Each graph should be pasted onto a separate page.


Determine the following for each graph:  (10 points per graph)


  • Type of graph (i.e. bar graph, pie chart, line graph, etc.). (1 pt.)
  • Variables used in the graph. (1 pt.)
  • Conclusions drawn from the graph (write a minimum of three complete sentences). (4 pts.)
  • Practical implications of the conclusions drawn from the graph.  How could this data impact your personal and/or business life now or in the future (write a minimum of three complete sentences)?  (4 pts.)


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