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"Target Market Segmentation" Please respond to the following:

Locate an online advertisement or commercial that appeals to you. Save it as an image and upload it or include a link to the video in your discussion post. Underneath the ad, please discuss the target market for this product, and how you fit into this target market. Further, discuss why this product  and advertising appeals to you or someone like you. Be sure to incorporate terms from Chapter 5 in the text to demonstrate your knowledge of target market segmentation and evaluation. Note: Please be sure that the advertisement is appropriate for class. To learn more about adding an image to a discussion post, click here.

"Business Markets" Please respond to the following:

•Imagine that you are launching a new clothing line. Come up with the name for your line and describe your line. 

Discuss which businesses market you would market your clothing line to and why. Because we are talking about business markets, you will want to consider the stores or resellers that will be coming to you to purchase your clothing line for resale.  Be sure to include terms from Chapter 7 to demonstrate your knowledge of business markets. Additionally, come up with the initial tweet to announce your new line (look ahead to Chapter 9 for inspiration). #itsallgood!

For this week’s discussion be sure to:

•Incorporate terms / information from Chapter 7 in the textbook.


"e-Marketing and Social Networking"

Social Media has revolutionized the way that companies market themselves and how they reach their customers. Examples of social media outlets include Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube.  Choose a brand or product you are familiar with and who you feel are successfully using social media in their marketing campaign.  In your response discuss the following

•Which social media sites are they using?

•What social media marketing are they doing today? Provide example. 

•What do you think they could do to improve their online marketing strategy?

For this week’s discussion be sure to:

•Incorporate terms / information from Chapter 9 in the textbook

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