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Submit the Marketing Contact Interview Questions to this assignment. Refer to the Hospital Marketing Comparison and Marketing Plan course project description for the assignment criteria and requirements.



This should help you. You are going to need to ask questions that will give you information on each of these -


To successfully complete this project, you will be expected to:

  1. Assess the patient perspective of quality and services.
  2. Analyze market research in the health care environment to develop a marketing plan that is in line with a strategic plan.
  3. Analyze competitive forces in the market place in determining strategy.
  4. Analyze common internal sources of quantitative information utilized in strategic decision making.
  5. Analyze critical strategic challenges facing the health care organization.
  6. Describe the last new service offered at each hospital and how they were marketed.

So , in other words, you need to ask the marketing professional how they gather patient feedback, collect other forms of researched information, trends and data – from within the organization and from without in the community and in the overall industry.

Ask them to identify what they feel is the biggest challenge for them in relationship to all of the above and of course, why.

And let them give you a chance to share with you their latest approach for their own newest service they are offering.

You really want to understand their job description and what their day to day activities and responsibilities are so you might want to start your interviews with questions on that. It is important to know not only what data and information they get internally – but who they get it from and how they work together with other departments, management etc. to make sure that everyone is on the same page and the marketing efforts are aligned with the overall mission and goals of the organization. These are all things that will give you a good solid base of understanding of how the marketing department works individually and as part of the successful overall management of a healthcare organization. And that is what I hope you come away with in this class.

Try to chunk your questions in a way that you are not jumping around from topic to topic. And have the topics flow well from one to another.

Also, stay positive in your approach. For example, instead of asking if their marketing plan is aligned with the organization’s mission and goals – ask, How do you ensure that your marketing plan is aligned with the organization’s mission and goal?

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