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Module assignment 1- Research proposal topic template

Broad overview: How advertising affects the fashion trend in recent years.

Sub-question1: The UK teenagers are now more consider on price or fashion design of clothes in recent 5 years?

Sub-question2: what kinds of advertising can affects teenagers perception of fashion in large extends: online internet advertising


The purpose of this research is to understand how advertising affects teenagers purchasing habit and capture their subjective perceptions of buying clothes.

-       To identify the reasons that command teenagers’ purchasing habit.

-       To identify how advertising impact on teenagers purchasing habit with respect to price or fashion design.

-       Is online internet advertising plays fatal role in affecting teenagers’ fashion concept?


Understand the teenagers purchasing habit can be better realise the trend of market and teenagers are also the main consumer group compare with other segmentation because it is large proportion. Moreover, we can see different advertising everywhere, whereas which advertising method can impact people’s perception more need to consider. This can be better understand the promotion method and find out customers’ needs.


Research focus on how advertising affects fashion conception in teenage base on teenagers purchasing consideration: price or fashion design.  I would like to use both primary data and secondary data for this research. In terms of secondary data, I will use literature review to support and also increase the incredibility of this research. 

Research methodology (primary data)

1. Quantitative questionnaire

-       Quantitative questionnaire can figure out the teenagers’ perception and it is typical to searching for predictable result to a greater population. After collect the data, it is ready to precede further research. (According to ethical issue, participant can refuse at any stage and participants must not be forced to participating and so on.)

-       Quantitative questionnaire: 40 UK teenagers who studying in university

(Because of time limitation, only can do small proportion of teenagers but 40 teenagers already can generally reflected teenagers perception. 

N1504 – Research Methods for Managers MODULE ASSIGNMENT 3 (2013/14)

page1image1480 page1image1640

Subject of assignment:


Research Proposal. You are required to prepare a research proposal for a research project in the area of management (including accounting and finance, business and management and marketing). The research project should be capable of being undertaken over a maximum period of 10 months, taking up about one quarter of the researcher’s work time during that period. This would be equivalent to about 300 working hours.

A good research proposal will contain the following:

  • A title reflecting the substance of the research.

  • An introduction setting out the reasons why the proposed research

    project is likely to be interesting, and showing how the proposed research

    links with previous work in the field. (200-300 words)

  • A brief literature review identifying and commenting on key theoretical

    ideas being used in the research and the main previous research writings.

    (500-600 words)

  • A statement of the research question(s) and/or the research objective(s)

    that the proposed research project seeks to investigate or achieve. This could take the form of one or more hypotheses/research questions. (200 words)

  • A discussion of the proposed research method, explaining the intended design of the research, how data will be collected, and how any samples or cases will be identified or selected. (400-500 words)

  • A timetable setting out the various stages of the proposed research project (this could be in the form of a Gantt chart). (100 words)

  • A consideration of practical issues, including resources, access and data protection matters, possible ethical concerns, and any constraints limiting the use of the research by others. If there are no such issues, then a brief statement noting this will be appropriate. (200-300 words)

  • A list of references to published material quoted and/or referred to in the proposal (particularly in the introduction and literature review sections). At the proposal stage of a research project, you are not expected to have undertaken a full literature review, and references to 5 to 10 relevant publications will probably be enough for most proposals. (Not included in the word count). Please use the Harvard referencing system when citing published material.

Presentation of assignment:


Please submit your assignment in typed or word-processed form, attached to a BMEC cover sheet (Coversheets are found here: under `Documents and forms’). The assignments will be marked anonymously, so please do not write your name on the actual assignment. Include your candidate number on every page (preferably in a footer or header) and on the cover sheet.

You may use appropriate section headings. Quotations to published materials should be referenced in a suitable academic style (for example, the Harvard – (author, publication date, page) – style), and a full reference given at the end of the paper. A link explaining the Harvard system is available at:



The research proposal should be 2000 words in length, excluding any lists of references and any charts, diagrams or tables.

page2image5400 page2image5720

Submission deadline:

Submit your assignment to the School Office in the Jubilee Building, during the second assessment period (exact submission date to be confirmed). Please remember to bring TWO copies of your assignment, as your work may need either double marking by two different Faculty members or to be moderated by external Examiners. If you do not bring two copies, each with completed coversheets, your work will not be accepted.

Unauthorised late submissions will be penalised by the deduction of five percentage points if submitted up to 24 hours late and 10 percentage points if submitted between 24 hours and 7 days late. Any unauthorised late submissions received after 7 days from the original submission date will receive a mark of zero for the assignment.


Assessment criteria:

The following will be particularly important in assessing the proposal:

  • Suitability of title as reflecting proposed research.

  • Justification for the proposed research, relative to theories and prior

    research literature

  • Clarity of research question(s) and/or research objective(s)

  • Appropriateness of proposed research method and intended data to

    research question

  • Reasonableness of timetable and consideration of practical issues

  • Appropriate referencing

  • Appropriate length for proposal

    Marks will be available both for presenting the proposal in an appropriate form and for the quality of the research proposal itself.

Mark weighting:


This assignment carries 70% of the total marks for the course.



It is intended that marks and feedback will be available for collection from Management Reception three weeks after the submission date.

Support materials:

Some materials on preparing research proposals, including an example of a research proposal addressing the criteria detailed above have been placed on the module’s Study Direct web page.



Marks within the ranges set out below are used to differentiate work within the particular criteria indicated for the range of marks. The criteria stated are indicative, and good work relative to one aspect of a criterion may compensate for less good work relative to another aspect of that criterion.

Research question

17-20 Very clear and precise question or topic, highly relevant to understanding of management, title clear and fully explanatory of research question, topic interesting and likely to be manageable within constraints of time.

14-16 Clear and well-stated research question or topic, interesting and relevant for understanding of management, adequately described by title.

11-13 Research question stated imprecisely, relevance to management not clear or not fully justified, title imprecise, topic may be too basic or too ambitious.

8-10 Research question difficult to identify, little relevance to management, title does not describe research adequately, topic likely to be too basic or too ambitious.

0-7 No obvious research question or topic, not relevant to management, title confusing, topic clearly too basic or too ambitious.

Theory and literature

17-20 Theory clearly stated and fully relevant to research question. Literature review clearly structured and shows full awareness of prior research and relevant materials. Citations and references consistently in proper form.

14-16 Theory clearly stated and relevant to research question. Literature review well structured and shows awareness of prior research and relevant materials, though some less relevant material may be referred to. Citations and references almost all in proper form.

11-13 Theory stated imprecisely, relevance to research question not clear. Literature review somewhat unstructured, prior research covered only at basic level, some irrelevant material included. Some inaccuracies in citation and referencing.

8-10 Little relevant theoretical basis. Unstructured literature review with significant gaps. Citation and referencing haphazard, with some citations unreferenced.

0-7 No theoretical basis (and no explanation for omission). Literature coverage very rudimentary, with clear gaps. Citation and referencing unsystematic or omitted.

Research method

17-20 Research method fully appropriate to research question and clearly explained.
14-16 Research method appropriate (though not necessarily best method) and clearly explained. 11-13 Research method relevant for research question though explanation unclear.

8-10 Research method possibly relevant for research question, explanation and justification vague. 0-7 Research method inappropriate for research question, explanation missing or confusing.

Practical matters

17-20 All relevant practical matters (such as ethical and access issues) fully discussed, timetable appropriate and clearly presented (e.g., using Gantt chart or other scheduling approach).

14-16 Most relevant practical matters properly discussed, timetable/schedule appropriate. 11-13 Some relevant practical matters discussed, timetable/schedule adequate.

8-10 A few relevant practical matters discussed, timetable/schedule provided.
0-7 Most relevant practical matters ignored, discussion of practical concerns confusing,

timetable/schedule omitted or impractical.

Overall assessment

17-20 Very promising research proposal, very well structured, clearly written and presented, giving a coherent and integrated impression of planned research.

14-16 Very good research proposal, well structured and presented - proposal may not be fully integrated. 11-13 Satisfactory research proposal - some elements may be vague, inconsistent and/or impractical.

8-10 Acceptable proposal overall, though with significant gaps and/or issues of practicality.
0-7 Unacceptable proposal. There are crucial omissions and/or confusions, making the proposed

research unlikely to be feasible.

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