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Before you begin work on creating web pages, it is important for you to select a theme for your website so that your final project has a cohesive look. You may choose any theme you like. Some ideas for themes include the following:

  • Yourself
  • Your hobby
  • Your favorite sports team
  • Your favorite musical act

Make sure the selected theme is not offensive, as your website will be posted on the University servers on the web. Ask your instructor for help if you are unsure about whether your theme is appropriate.

Once you have selected a theme, you can start creating several static web pages. Note that WYSIWYG editors are not allowed for this Application. You will write HTML tags yourself to create your own website.

You will perform the following tasks:

  1. Create a static website consisting of two or more pages using HTML.

  2. Apply basic HTML tags, such as hyperlinks, images, and forms, toward the development of a website.

To begin, create two HTML files and name them “ index.html” and “page02.html”. Include at least one unique image in each page. You may use Notepad, if you are using a Windows computer, or TextEdit, if you are using a Mac system. If you are unsure how to use these programs, you may wish to view the optional media for this assignment, Using Your Text Editor, available on the Explore page in the Unit Schedule, under Resources.

Place the images in a subdirectory called “pics.” Be sure when you create your HTML file that it references this subdirectory. This will ensure that the images render correctly on your website. In addition, each page must contain the following:

  • A hyperlink to the other page
  • A table consisting of at least four cells

The second page, page02.html, should also contain a form consisting of at least two text boxes.

Make sure that the hyperlink, the table, and the form are easily visible.


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