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Assignment Overview: In your first written assignment you answered questions related to your innovative idea. The questions below should also be answered with your innovative idea as the focus for each question. Remember to incorporate marketing language and terms in your answers and aim to answer each question in three to four sentences. Each written assignment for the course includes questions that are based on your innovative idea. Please review the grading rubric to ensure that your assignment meets the grading criteria.

Assignment Questions:

  1. Identify and define at least three market segments that would find your product appealing. Describe each segment in terms of their demographics, psychographics, geographic location, and behavioral characteristics.
  2. Describe which targeting strategy you would use: undifferentiated, differentiated, niche marketing or micro-marketing. Explain.
  3. Describe your positioning in the market and create a positioning statement.


PS: My innovative idea was to open a coffe shop in the US with carribbean flavor.

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