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its Quick Checkout

A local department store hires you to write an automated checkout program to expedite customers in a hurry. The checkout line can only accept five items for any one purchase. Design a program that asks for the price of each item, and then displays the subtotal of the sale, the amount of the sales tax and the total. The sales tax is 6 percent.

Submit your C++ source code that you generated from RAPTOR with comments added to each line or where necessary to explain program flow.  Also submit the RAPTOR file (flowchart) of your working program.
Make sure you run it to make sure it is error free and does what it is supposed to.
You can use the generate dropdown to create example C++ code based on your working logical flow chart to see what the code would look like.

Remember to follow the guidelines of good program design. Make sure to use meaningful variable names and include comments as needed.

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